1. Championship website

For more information and updates, please visit

2. Final Registration Date

The final date for registration is Monday, July 11. Each national team should use its own specific registration form and for U20 participants organize the athletes according to the drawing scheme (appendix 1).

3. Arrival

Bus transports to the hotel have been organized according to announced arrivals (Appendix 3).

4. Hotel – Accomodation

The national teams will be accommodated in single, double and twin rooms.

5. Team Meetings

Team Meetings Conference rooms will be arranged near the arena on request.

6. Meals

  • Meals Buffet breakfast will be served from 06:30 to 09:30.
  • Lunch and dinner will be served close to the arena, at restaurant Erics in building D from 11:00 to 14:00. (menu in appendix 5)
    Buffet dinner on Friday and Saturday will be served from 17:00 to 20:00.

7. Transportation from hotel to competition venue

The organizer provides shuttle bus transports to and from the competition arena. The timetable is presented in Appendix 3, and on information boards at the hotel.

8. Technical Meeting

The Technical Meeting will be held on Friday July 15 at 18:00 at Atleticum in building B. The agenda for the Technical Meeting is presented in Appendix 7.

The final list of championship participants (including late changes) is required from the Team Leaders at the Technical Meeting. The Members of the Jury will also be announced at the Technical Meeting.

9. Dressing rooms, showers, training and warm-up areas

Dressing rooms and showers are located in Malmoe Stadion and Atleticum. The warming-up area is located 100m south east of Malmoe Stadion (see map, appendix 6). There is a throwing arena for warming-up outdoor 600m south west of Malmoe Stadion.

10. Call Room

The Call Room will be at the south entrance of Malmoe Stadion, building a (see map). Shoes with spikes are not allowed inside the building.
The change to spikes must be done in the Call Room.

You find a Call Room timetable in Appendix 2 and it will also be handed out separately at the Technical Meeting. It is the responsibility of the Team Leaders to ensure that their athletes are aware of and follow the timetable.

In the Call Room: Uniform clothing, cover clothing, shoes and bags will be checked according to the competition rules. No electronic devices will be allowed inside the competition area.

11. Introduction of participants

All participants will be lined up and introduced individually before the start of each event.

12. Personal Implements Check

Personal throwing equipment must be checked and marked as approved by the Technical Manager before the competition.

Hammer, javelins, shots and discuses must be presented to the Technical Manager (see map, building a) not later than 90 minutes before the start of each event.

Personal throwing equipment is returned after the events at the same place.

13. Result service

There will be an online result service during the competition. Official results will also be presented continually.

14. Medical Aid

There will be a First Aid Group at the Stadium.

15. Victory Ceremonies

For each event, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place athletes and relay teams will be called to the victory ceremony.
The victory ceremony for each event will take place as soon as possible after the event. The national championship victory ceremony will take place as soon as possible after the last event on Sunday.
Victory ceremony assembly point is in building a, see map.


On the behalf of the Organizing Committee
Mikael Wirstedt, Secretary General
Annika Hovang, Competition Director



Call and check procedure

For each event, the call and check procedure begin at fixed intervals prior to the scheduled start time (T).

Track events (ex 4x100m relay) T-25 min T-10 min
4x100m relay T-30 min T-15 min
Field events (ex Pole Vault) T-45 min T-35 min
Pole Vault T-60 min T-45 min

The competitors must attend to the Call Room on time.




All meals include dairy and gluten free alternatives.


Pasta (Spaghetti) Bolognese (beef).
Salad buffet: Cucumber, maize, grated carrot and crispbread.


Meatballs and potatoes with sauce.
Salad buffet: Cucumber, maize, grated carrot and crispbread.


Breaded fish and potatoes with remoulade sauce.
Salad buffet: Cucumber, maize, grated carrot and crispbread.


Sausage Casserole served with rice, salad and crispbread.
Salad buffet: Cucumber, maize, grated carrot and crispbread.

Lunch and dinner will be served at the restaurant Erics, building D.



1) Championship website

    Opening and welcome

2) Presentation of attendants

    - Organizers
    - Team representatives

3) Nomination of the Jury of Appeal

4) General Information of the Championship events

4.1   The timetable has been distributed in advance

4.2   For basic rules see Nordic Handbook and IAAF Competition Rules

4.3   Starter commands in English: ON YOUR MARKS, SET, STAND UP

4.4   Lane order, jumping and throwing order: According to the teams’ entries. In field events, except high jump and pole vault, reverse ranking order will be used for rounds four, five and six.

4.5   Throwing equipments: Equipment according to appendix 4 is provided by the organizers. Personal equipment will be checked and made available for all participants, at the owner´s risk. Hammer, javelins, shots and discuses must be presented to the Technical Manager (see map, building a) not later than 90 minutes before the start of each event. All personal equipment should be retrieved in the same place. In discus we will apply the regulation on closed wing, as adopted by the Swedish Athletic Association.

4.6   Poles: All poles will be controlled before the event at the competition site by the Technical Manager.

4.7   Opening heights and progression in vertical jumps:

High Jump, Women: 155–160–165–170–173–176–179–181 +2 cm
Pole Vault, Women: 340–355–370–380–390–400–410–415–420 +5 cm
High Jump, Men: 185–190–195–200–203–206–209–211 +2 cm
Pole Vault, Men: 460–470–480–490–500–510–515–520–525 +5 cm
4.8   Tripeljump board are at 13 and 11 meters – need of extra boards?

5) General Information

5.1   Call Room: A Call Room timetable has been sent to the teams in advance.
Items to be checked: Identification, cover clothing, competition clothing and personal items.
Mobile phones / mp3 players or other similar items are NOT permitted in the infield.

5.2   Protest: In English writing at the TIC. Normal protest time is 30 minutes after the official announcement of the results of the event have been published. The time is counted from the moment when the result sheet is attached to the official result board. Organizers’ proposal: For the last event on Sunday the protest time is only 10 minutes. The protest fee is 90 Euros and payment must be done with the written protest.

5.3   Ceremonies:
   - Opening ceremony
   - Pre-event presentation
   - Victory ceremonies

5.4   Access to the infield: only the Athlete-Captains of the teams have access the infield. All other athletes have access only for their respective events. Team Officials must not enter the infield during the competitions.

6) Confirmation of entries

   - Official startlists: Any changes?
   - Later changes: Time and place
   - Extra participants
   - Running order in relays: NOT later than 60 min before the start to the TIC

7) Arena Information

   - Warm-up areas
   - Location of TIC
   - Location of the Technical Manager
   - Location of the Call Room
   - Location of the result board
   - First aid point

8) Doping control

   - Is located in building a, at minimum 5 for U20 and 5 for U23
   - Procedure in case of National Records requiring the test

9) Any other matters

   - Meal timetable
   - Shuttle bus timetable

10) Closing the meeting